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Did it cycle?

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I had in, 2 week the ammonia to bee at 3 whit fish food, after the first week i startet to get nitrit
readings, then after two weeks i got nitrat to go up from 12 to 30, then 3 days after that the
ammonia and nitrit got down to 0, it has stayed on 0 in a week now, even then i put the same
quantity fish food in. So it should have cycle right?
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Guppies are pretty hardy, so they're a good choice for the first round of fish. Adding fish a few at a time lets the filter build up.

The catch (which I have been bit with twice, the last very recently) is that the more rounds of fish that go into the tank, the greater the chances of one of the batches having ich or another parasite. The usual recommendation is to quarantine new fish going into an established tank, but there's no reason the first batch need to be quarantined.
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