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Did I order the wrong canister filter?

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I ordered a Sunsun 302 canister filter Thursday and got it today- SO FAST my head spun- and this thing is bigger than the bathroom trash can! :eek:

Did I order one that's too large for my 29g?? I didn't know they were this HUGE!

I certainly hope I didn' was such a good deal- $50 shipped and highly recommended.

Yikes. ;)
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Nope it should be great for your tank.
*whew*!! I didn't know they were so large. I feel better. :icon_redf
It may need a bit of throttle on the output but that is usually not a biggie. Does it have some valve on the output side that can be left partly closed? Worst case, you can add one from the hardware if none is there now. No harm done to the filter in that. No worries about "strain" on the motor. It is a mag drive motor and strain/overheating are out with this type motor.
no need to throttle back. its fine the way it is.
Thanks for the peace of mind. :D
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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