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Did I just waste $7???

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So I was at a LFS and they have a small tank with some plants for sale. They actually do not look all that healthy, but I noticed they had some Baby Tears and Dwarf Baby Tears.

I came back a couple days later and the Baby Tears looked like crap or were gone. And there was one bunch of Dwarf Baby Tears that actually looked decent. I did a quick search and thought I had read that these were the ones that could be done with no CO2 as long as you perform a DSM with them.

I admittedly did not do a ton of searching. I purchased them and got home and did more research after putting them in my upstart 10 gallon. Come to realize these do need CO2, although I have read some information on people getting them to carpet without CO2, just very rarely.

My question is, did I waste my money? Or do they stand a chance? I would hate to delay starting this 10 gallon waiting a month for them to take root and spread if it is all going to be a wash.
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i didnt use co2 with mine but they grew really really slowly and they also need alot of light
i didnt use co2 with mine but they grew really really slowly and they also need alot of light
I will be using a Finnex FugeRay-R on this 10 gallon.
I have grown HC without CO2 before but it grows extremely slowly. Probably would have to wait many months for a good solid carpet.
It's all part of this hobby's learning curve. Aqua scaping relies on a good knowledge of how different plants grow which takes time to learn (heck I've been at this for 6 years and am still learning).

You'll probably have a better chance of having the HC live with a good small grained substrate.

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Thanks but i should have known better. I also did not dry start it right either LOL. Then again I have never tried a carpet before. In the end, I am not even sure I liked the idea. I like my hardscape but changed the idea of how the plants will go anyways. Probably will change that too LOL.

Uhg, really gotta make sure i research this stuff better. At least it wasn't another Petco/Petsmart tube fiasco LOL
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