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Maybe three or four years ago, I built my own t5ho setup, 4x80w with two Icecap 660 ballasts.

A few months ago, one of them the lights would flash and then the ballast would shut down. I thought it was the bulbs, finally replaced them and... nothing. I swapped ballasts with the tubes & wiring that worked... nothing. OK, I've got a dead ballast.

Now I'm down to 2 bulbs and one ballast, but I see that I can run 3 80 watts and rewire my fixture according to Icecap's docs. I rewired the working ballast for three bulbs, put in old bulbs to test and (you guessed it) - one tube flashed on, then off. Rechecked the tube seatings, put in some new bulbs... nothing. Nothing.

The fuses on each ballast appear to be intact. Any idea what's happened? Can a bad tube destroy a ballast?

I was thinking of going DIY LED, but thought that I could get another year or so out of my t5ho. Now it looks like that schedule's going to get moved up a bit?
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