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I pulled couple of swords out and left only two of them in the left side of the tqank. Got couple of Anbuias barteri today and attached them on mangro wood.
Substrate and dirt isstill floating in the tnak so the pic arenot so good.
KH is 13, Ph 7,2, NO3 10, NO2 0.
WAter temp. is 26C.
Lightning is 2x20W Flora and AquaGlo.
Fertilizing with Sera Florena 2x 15ml every 6 days, and i put some iron+mineral root tabs every 3 weeks.
DIY CO2+Nutrafin ladder. around 21ppm measured with ph and kh.
Substarte is Tetra complete.
What do You think about the current setup and postiioning in the tank. Please suggest some more changes and compatibile plants

Fauna is:
6x tiger barb, 6x green tiger barb, 2x ancistrus albino, 2x cory sterbai, 6x amano shrimp.

p.s. still a lot of visible algae cuz the tnak is 1 month old.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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