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I just got back from vacation for 6 days where I left someone in charge of my tank. The light was accidentally left on for 3 days all day and all night. I came back to lots of diatoms. The tank is a 55 gallon with a Coralife T5NO 2 x 28 watts. Been set up around 4 weeks.

I added a little bit of excel and will be running my light 7 hours a day. Does that sound good? What procedure should I take to eliminate the algae? I plan to buy some otos today, run the light 7 hours a day and pull and dead leaves out that I can find. I know diatoms are normal but I'd like to keep the tank as clean as possible. Any advice?
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I will increase the excel dosage, shorten the photo period to 6 hours, and strangle the person you left in charge of your tank. :D

If you have money for a UV sterilizer, that might help.
Once you're done with it, sell it or keep it around just in case you have another problem down the road.
UV will not kill diatom. You can get Otocinclus, Amano shrimps, Nerite snails or wait until it clears out.

How old is the tank when diatoms usually go away?
Diatoms usually is found in newly setup tanks due to silicates and ammonia as the filter and substrate have yet to mature. Can be vacuumed out or wiped of the glass with a soft cloth. Usually disappears after a few weeks when the tank has matured. Otocinclus will eat it.
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