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diatom filter for diatoms?

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I have an outbreak of diatoms in my one tank, even in the water table. As strange as this sounds; will a diatom filter help to clean up the diatom particulate in the water? Or would I just be adding more silicate to the water and making matters worse?
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A diatom filter uses diatomaceous earth powder to remove fine particulates (you know that :)) may work to a degree to remove silicates so long as they are greater than 1 micron in diameter...however every water change you do would add some of the diatoms back in and the process could get tedious.

Have you thought of any other options? If its brown algae, let it run its course or get some otos.
I went out and bought 8 otos today and did 2 75% water changes and took the filter completely apart and cleaned everything. This is an established tank and all my tanks water is always crystal clear (pride issue) so I find this frustrating. I guess it could be worse; clado, cyano, staghorn......still annoying though
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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