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Diamond State Aquarium Society (DE) - Tue Feb 15 - Lee Harper - Killifish

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You're invited to our next meeting

Diamond State Aquarium Society

Tuesday, February 15 - 7pm (new night - valentines conflict)

Presentation by

Lee Harper: A Lifetime Passion for Killifish

An auction of aquarium items ( hardware, plants & food ) and other items will follow the presentation.

Meetings are normally held on the second Monday of every month,

beginning 7:00PM at
William Penn High School - Main Cafeteria
713 E. Basin Road (Rt. 141 South)
New Castle, DE 19720

Lee Harper was raised on Staten Island, he attended Haverford College and obtained his doctorate in Chemistry at Cornell University. Employed as a research chemist by Dupont for 43 years, he retired in 1997. He has kept tropical fish since 1942 and water lilies and garden ponds since 1945. His special interests are killifish, native fish and water lilies. He served as Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the American Killifish Association in 2000 and 2001. Killifish Hobbyist of the Year in 1997. Leo Hogne Award for contributions to the killifish hobby in 2009. Is currently an active member of the Keystone Killy Group

No Cover Charge - Refreshments Served - Everyone Welcome

If you read this far and are interested in this group - post to this thread, it will keep it near the top of the list for others to more easily run across. thanks

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Yes, the auction may have fish. Anyone can buy and sell items. Arrive early for registration.

Refreshments, Snacks and Dessert will be served.

Family & Children Friendly

No Cover Charge - Guests always Welcome.

3 more groups listed in signature for other areas.

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Members of the Keystone Killy Group
were invited to bring some of their tank raised killies to be placed in the auction.
We look forward to seeing several nice specimens!

New faces are always welcome!
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