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Isn't all npt threads are right handed?
No. But, almost always, yes. Assume RH unless stated otherwise.

One note - replacing the gauge with a lower max psi gauge works to make increments clearer (though a bit of care should be taken to make sure not to blow out the gauge by pushing past 100 psi), but won't affect the mechanics of the regulator. Meaning, if a half-turn gets you a 25 psi increase with one gauge, it'll still get you 25 psi on the second gauge.

If it's an American-made regulator, it's very likely 1/4" NPT threads. Your friend can doublecheck that by removing the gauge, buying a 1/4" NPT nipple from Lowes for $2.00 or so, and seeing if it threads in. Or he/she can try to find a data sheet on the exact model and look for the information there. Just make sure the size and mount position is the same on the new gauge (bottom mount versus back mount).
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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