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Hi folks. I have a few plants I'd like to ship before thanksgiving break. Shipping is $7 that includes insulation. Please mind your weather. I can always mark the package as hold for pick up so it don't sit in your mail box or mail truck all day. I will ship this Saturday only. After that I will wait until the Monday after Thanksgiving.

Ludwigia inclinata var. Pantanal - 3 for $10
2x2 square Dwarf Hair Grass 'Belem' $10
Rotala Mini Butterfly 3 for $5
Lileaposis 'Mini' 20 nodes for $15 (may have a little algae)
Ranalisma Rostrata .75/node 5 available
Flame Moss $7/golf ball size portion
Marsilea Minuta 20 nodes $10
Rotala Mexican Goais $1/stem

Thanks for looking
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