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devils algae on my plants

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Ok so I am new and am amazing with fish but a noob with plants, so I will tell you to the best of my ability my situation. So i have a angel tank, i have 2 mature angels 2 golden dojo loach 1 abino brislenose pleco. for plantsi have java fern java moss and 3 other types of mystery plants. for my eqitment i have an aqua clear 50, elite heater, coralife 10,000k t5 24inch lights, elite802 air pump and diy co2(1 buble a second) and very sad little diffuser. I run my light for 10 hours a day with co2 and ir and no lights.

My problem is that i have hair algae (devils algae) on all of my plant but it isn't anywere else in my tank. now im going to the lfs this weekend and dont mind spending around 70$ (including plants) so i have a few questions aswell as to how to get rid of this algae. the first on being im gonna convert this tank into a discus tank and put 4 1 inch discus in the tank as there temparary home. I am wondering what plant do well under discus conditions? I am also wondering what type of ferts i should use I have herd that flourish is very good and want to try them but don't know how good they are. Also I was wondring what bottom feeder would go good in this tank with my discus and pleco?

Thanks for all your help and hope to hear back from you guys soon, Ben.
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Hi Ben

What are your water parameters as in ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate. Also what lights are you running? if it's T5's then 10 hours a day is 2 hours to much in my opinion.

You may need to invest in a liquid test kit (if you don't already have one) to get precise readings on your water params.
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