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Okay, so I'm the unluckiest planted tank owner in the world it seems. My 10 gallon low tech planted tank has been cycling for 12 days now, and is my very first planted tank. I plan on putting a nerite snail and a betta fish inside, maybe with some shrimp. Nothing is in it right now but plants.

I've been dosing 2 ppm ammonia since the start, and also Seachem Stability. The nitrites spiked to 5 ppm (probably more, but that's the max the API test shows) about 3 or 4 days ago. I water changed a lot but still was reading 5+ ppm. So my nitrites are HIGH. A few nitrates showed up (5 ppm to 10 ppm) but have been inconsistent.

About two days ago, I took out these two rocks that'd been weighing down my driftwood and saw some white dots under where one rock had been. The wood had been growing a lot of biofilm so I thought it was probably just that, but it spread all over the wood. Some white, very fine hair-like stuff was growing from it too. On top of that I saw these freaky tiny, tiny white things swimming right by the spot where I first found the white spots.

So, I took the wood out and bleached it and scrubbed off the mold with a toothbrush. I saw then that in the tank there were TONS of tiny white worms, which I'm pretty sure are detritus worms. They are everywhere. Here you can find a video of the swimming things by the initial white dots. Here you can find pictures of everything else going on.

Thus far, the only things I've done is slightly turn over and clean the gravel, but I ordered a gravel vacuum and will go over it more thoroughly tomorrow. I've bleached the wood and done a 50% water change. I'm still keeping the ammonia at 2 ppm. Last time I checked, parameters were 2 ppm ammonia and still 5.0+ ppm nitrites, 7.0 ph. Where should I go from here?
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