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Detoxify Chlorine/Chloromine

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I thought I read on this forum that if you leave tap water sit for a couple of days in a bucket that it is not necessary to add a chlorine remover or detoxifier like Seachems Prime?
I did a search but could'nt find anything.

Can anyone confirm that chlorine/chloramine will disipate after sitting for a couple of days in a bucket?

Thanks in advance for any responses
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The chlorine will dissipate, but the chloramine will not.
The chlorine will dissipate, but the chloramine will not.
Ulupica is correct. Be sure you know what your water company adds to your water before trying to degas it.
Thanks for the responses.
I guess I'll keep using Prime.
Keep using prime or safe.

Chlorine will degas with time, chloramine will not. BUT the water company can and does change what it puts in your water as needed. They also don't have to tell you before they change things up. If you just had a big rain storm, they change their formulation, they change the formulation with seasons as well. I would be nervous just relying on the chlorine degassing.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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