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Am looking to establish a separate tank to house different plants and encourage growth so I have options and "pull-out" space. I'm intending to fert and do CO2. I do; however, want to hold the cycle in the tank and keep phosphates and nitrate levels good to encourage plant growth. I'd prefer not to have to heat but willing if needed. I especially want to encourage non-green (reds and browns) plant growth and hoping the CO2 which I have not previously used in my 120 gal to get me there. Does anyone have any advice on setting something like this up and what would be good standing stock of fish to leave in a 29 gal to keep nitrogen cycle running. The other consideration is a resident that could be exposed to a wide variety of 'guests' that spend some time in QT then leave, bearing in mind that most fish first purchased are relatively juvenile so smaller and typically less aggressive.


Thanks in advance for your help.
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