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I am trying to make my tank look a bit better than it does. I have seen some great tanks in the gallery but I have no idea where to start really. I have had this tank for about 6 months now.

DSC00943.jpg - Image - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Size 20H
Ph ~7.0
GH Very low
No CO2
WC 20%per week
AH SUpply 36W Bright (Brand new as of today, need recommendation on number of hours, I was running previous 15W for 13 hours per day)
NH4 10ppm
NH3 0ppm
NO2 0ppm
Tends to be viewed about 20 degrees to the left
Just started to use flourish
Eco complete, ~1.5" deep

I am really after some design tips cause I am rubbish at it. That huge piece of Malaysian driftwood is really too big for the tank but the fish like it so I want to keep it. It will move left or right but that is about it.

plants are

Bacopa amplexicaulis
Lace plant (expecting this to die soon, most has already so will need removing eventually)
Rotala indica? (on left)
java fern (every where)
java moss on drift wood, started to grow last week
anubias congensis (new, BTW how do you plant this, I cannot work out which bit you are not supposed to bury)
white something or other sword (almost dead at back)
some kind of grass
few java rocks too.

Fish are:

6 Serpae Tetra
6 Green Tiger Barb
3 Dhali Loaches

If need be I have a small budget for more plants. but I would like to try to make the most of what I have already first. I also don't liek plants that wont root (i.e. anachris)


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Looks nice, crisps.

Give it all some time to grow in. The Java ferns will fill up and look even better.

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