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Design opinion needed

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I'm setting up my first tank. I got some feedback that this look is too symetrical and I agree. I definately want the big tree to stay in center. I'm thinking of moving the wood on the right to the back left corner. The bull's horn piece and that one will be used to grow moss on. I was thinking of putting some rock to the right and encountered Texas holy rock for the first time today ! WOW ! OMG when it came to the price though ! $$$$$$ So before I do something stupid and spend money I want feedback. Would the holy rock look stupid in there with the wood ? I'm not abandoning my tree !!!


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Honestly, I think it looks great as is.:thumbsup:
If it was my tank, I would move the "tree" over to the left, on the inside shade of the overflow. Then I would take the two smaller pieces and arrange them on the right. Maybe add some granite, and you should be golden!
if it were me i would definitely put the large piece on either side, but not the middle. you can always also get more wood, maybe some manzanita coming down from the opposite side to fill in space. this is all just in my opinion and how i would do it however. great looking piece
instead of having it in the center. maybe you can offset it to oneside and sort of cluster the 2 pieces a lil closer to each other and leave the sides "open"
Symmetry is really hard to pull off. It'd be easier if you move it to the side like people have mentioned.
I wouldn't go adding rock in there. Maybe slope the substrate a bit and have the two smaller pieces on the same side together, not separated. Don't think it matters which side really...
I would just take the little "y" piece and move it over onto the same side as the bullhorn piece, and call it art, I would say "Art, you stay over here next to Freddy the bullhorn piece and make friends....."

I like your tank the way it is. Once you go growing the heck out of various plant I think the too symetrical thing will dissapear. But then people think my scape is too messy but I like it.
look up on google or here the 'golden ratio' or 'golden rule'. Aquascapers use it ALL the time.

Its been used for hundreds of years, dont mess w/ a good thing :)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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