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This month’s meeting will be in-person, once again at Reid Park.
When: Sunday, March 13th @ 2 PM
Where: Gene C. Reid Park - Ramada #17 (See Map Below)

Here is the Agenda for our meeting:
Welcome, Introductions and Announcements
Member-only Raffle
May meeting replaced by the Southwest Aquarium Keepers Event(SAKE) 5/14/22
10-gallon Challenge coming again this summer
Plant Trimming and Planting Demo

This month we will have a demonstration of trimming and planting aquatic plants by Peter and John. This will continue the demo series begun by Amit showing how to set up a planted tank. Peter and John will be discussing how to trim and plant a wide variety of plants including moss, epiphytes such as ferns, Bucephalandra, and Anubias, rosette plants like swords and Cryptocorynes, foreground plants, and stem plants such as Ludwigia and Rotala. They will have a tank set up at the meeting with substrate and a selection of hardscape materials to demonstrate the best methods of planting and attachment. This should be quite an informative demonstration.
We are looking for input on presentation topics for this year. If you have ideas for topics or would like to present, please reach out to us! Presentations don't have to be a research review or super scientific, we encourage members to share their experiences in the hobby. If that is keeping a specific type of fish, breeding fish, growing plants, or setting up a certain style of aquarium (past examples: blackwater, biotopes, low tech/high tech/Walstad planted tanks) are all good ideas for a topic. Please reach out to club VP John Willmon, or one of the other Board Members, with ideas in person or by emailing [email protected]

Rules for the auction:
You are allowed a maximum of 10 items to submit for the auction.
Please label your items with the number (out of 10), your name, and item description if applicable.
Please fill out the Auction items form when you arrive or they can be downloaded on our new website.

If you are bringing live plants or fish, please arrange for ice packs/coolers for storage and transport. The club will have some coolers available for the duration of the meeting, but space may be limited. Proceedings from the auction will be settled by cash only at the conclusion of the auction.

Don't forget to renew your membership for 2022, or join as a new member, at the March meeting! Membership fees are $20 for families and $15 for individuals.
Membership is valid through December 2022. Paid members are eligible for the monthly Members Only raffle where we give away at least $120 in gift certificates to our Affiliate Members, participate in the annual Bowl and Home Shows, large raffle ($600 in 2021) at the December Holiday Party, and more!

Seating will be limited, so we request you to bring your own chair, or if you can, extra chairs for others.

Please note: We will not have a meeting in May as our usual meeting day is Mother's Day. We are, instead, encouraging our members to attend the 2022 Southwest Aquarium Keepers Event (SAKE) hosted by the Arizona Rivulin Keepers on May 14th in Sun City West, AZ. More info has been included in the March newsletter. The club will be help by organizing a carpool list. Keep an eye out for more info through our newsletter, website and Facebook page
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