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Derpy Pea Puffer

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I caught this pic of my new Pea Puffer today, and thought I should share it, because it is SO DARN CUTE.

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I like it! Now you just need a cation contest for it.
Awesome pic! I love how they have a staring contest with the snail before pouncing
@spiritwind- haha, I'd love to see what people came up with!

@supermoto- I know! She spends nearly all of her time stalking the various snails I have in the tank :]
"We meet again Neo... This time, you will not be so lucky."

*Bubbles whiz by as they fight in mid-water*
I have 3 DP's ; i haven't had them for long, its taken me weeks to teach them snails are food , they realized yesterday they were food and have quickly devoured all of them ! Does yours eat frozen? Mine will only eat live brine shrimp and sometimes live blood worms... Anway their amazing fish and i adore watching them. They seem to leave their otto friends alone wich is good :smile:
Does she live with anyone? ( im assuming shes female as that whats she looks like)
I just got two on Saturday they are still getting use to my tank i think. Nothing will entertain them haha, snails or frozen blood worms.

I might have to try the live brine shrimps.
Puffer diet... Mine are addicted to snails. Even the ones coming from different lfs, they see snails and they go crazy. I tried frozen to no avail. Havent tried live brine shrimp yet. Can't keep up with the snails, so i feed them every other day. I transfer one of them to my shrimp tank to feast on the snails every once in a while also. They dont touch the shrimp, not even the babies, all they do is hunt the morsels.
I'd love to get these guys, but I'm nervous they'd upset my shrimp and cray equilibrium. Maybe someday :)

Awesome picture!

MABJ's iDevice used for this message :p
My puffer doesn't eat anything but snails and microfauna. She refuses to eat frozen foods, such a brat. I've started some worm cultures so hopefully she'll eat those too. She lives in the tank with a large snail population, but I have a feeling I'm going to have to get some kind of critter keeper to breed some snails, because she's doing a good job riddling the tank with snail shells.
Mine ADORE live brine shrimp. Im trying to get them to eat frozen bloodworms... its not going good !
I was so excited when finding 8 pond snails that must of come in of my plants i got 1 month ago as eggs and where now mating ! Sadly only 1 remains wich they wont touch but will rip apart any others just not that one:confused1:
There the best fish i could ask for tough , everytime i come to the tank they all rush to the front to see me .. or the food XD
Does anyone have any experience with vacation and feeding their puffers?

I don't have any yet but I will be away for about 12 days at the end of December and I am wondering if I should just wait until I return before I get them?! Seems like too long a period without feeding. Or any other options for slower feeding like getting a bunch of snails etc?!
I have two now, and both were vicious snail destroyers the instant I got them in the tank! I'm only feeding them snails right now since I have a BAJILLION. However, I feel they're not getting enough food from just the snails, so I'll be getting frozen bloodworms this weekend.
As for vacation feeding, I get a fishy friend here on campus to babysit for me, but I'm only going to be gone for 5 days or so.

I'm glad to hear yours don't touch the shrimp, Borikuan! I'm wanting to get a few cherries and maybe an amano or two to help with the algae I got going on in the tank, and was slightly frightened for them.

As for whether or not thissun's female, I just don't know!!!
Here the two are side by side, in two different photos.
The one in the original photo is on the right in both.

I had planned to get two females, but now I have a suspicion that I either have a male and a female or maybe females of the two different species, especially after seeing this image from

Either way, they are awesome :]
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