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Dehumidifier, who uses them

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So in my office/shrimp room I have 3 20L 2 15L 1 10L and a 33L. I have about 3 Gal - 5 g of evap a day, and I keep my house between 76-78 all day. After checking into this and measuring temps and humidty this room was running at 65-70% humidity, and temp would be 7-10 degrees hotter in the room compared to the rest of the house. Note all tanks have lids covering all but about 15-20% of surface area. The exposed is used to run fans on the top to keep them at 66-73 depending on the level of the tank in rack.

I have been running a new delongi dehumidifier 40 pint for the past 4 days. humidity is 20% now and the room stays at 74 and it feels great in there. I would definatley reccomend any one with more than 2 tanks in one smaller room to get one and see the difference. Plus the anti mold benifits, allergy, and general healh is amazing. I bought the same one for my room because of my allergies and it has made my allergies go away when I am in my room.
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This is just what I've been needing to come across, I have 2x72g 3x10g and 1 26g all in the living room/dining room of my 2 bedroom apartment. I can grow emersed plants in pots on my table. It's bad.

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Why not vent the air out of the room, either out the window or out the door? I set up a box fan to get air moving out into the hallway, which keeps the humidity much lower than without.
Even with a box fan venting out (I would not vent out with temps into the 90's.... Seems like a bad idea) once evaporation happens you fan will only vent a small % of the water in the air out. And once that heavy water lands on anything the water is then absorbed into the carpet or whatever. Thus you are just transfering the water. With a dehumidifier, with Ionization it will seek out and absorb the water in the air. Venting does work to a extent, but no where near what a dehumidifier does.

Lets just say the first couple days I can it, it ran 24-7 and I had to empty the 40Pint tank 6 times. it was sucking water out of verything, carpet, walls, chairs, you name it. Now you walk in the room it is dry, cool and air seems so light and fresh
Depending on room size and water volume a dehumidifer is definitely necessary. You don't want mold and what not if your humidity is too high. My friend uses a dehumidifier for a single, covered, 120G tank.

I don't use one and have 3x 10G tanks spread throughout my apartment.
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