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Deformed growth from plants

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I have been noticing dwarfed growth from some of the plants in my tank. The new growth is almost like the dwarfed version of its normal size.
I have rock hard water here so I dont think magnesium or calcium is a problem.

Im guessing stunted growth?..

Heres what Im dosing: All greg watson ferts

Iron Chelate(1 tbs mixed into 250 ml od distilled water) 1.5ML 3xweekly
CSM+B(same mix solution) 5ML 3xweekly

KH2PO4 1/8 tsp 3xweekly
K2SO4 little over 1/2 tsp 3xweekly

I dont dose nitrate because of bio-mass, stays roughly around 5-10ppm

Ill post some pics tommorow to help better explain my ordeal
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How big is your tank? I would still dose some Nitrate. What plants are doing this? The plants in question might not like hard water therefore stunting the growth of the plant. Not to long ago I got a R/O unit to soften my water. I could not believe how many plants I thought were doing fine did so much better. The color of them changed and they grew so much quicker.
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