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This is an older leaf of a Tiger Lotus (I believe) and is probably around 3 months old (one of the original leaves). There are a few more similar to this one. Is this some sort of fert deficiency or just a leaf dying of old age? I do EI dosing with Seachem ferts. I also have pressurized co2 and t5ho lights (aquaticlife).


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Id like to know too. My lotus is doing something similar.

For comparison i have:
30 gallon
2.6 watts pers gallon ( 2 t50 39w bulbs)
dry ferts using EI dosing
excel daily at 5ml

However my lotus is only a week old and got it from a tank that used pressurized CO2. So mine is probably melting back to adjust to its new tank parameters. Since yours is older my guess its a deficiency. Either light or co2... if mine perks up after i get co2 i will lwt you know
It's just the lower leaves too. I'm hoping someone in here can help us out.

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Looks more like mechanical damage. Any more photos of damaged leaves?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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