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deficiency help please

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What is your current dosing schedule? Off hand, Manganese and Potassium come to mind from my gardening days.
sun - 1/2 tps equilibrium, 1/4 tsp KN03, 1/16 tsp KH2P04
mon - 8-10 ml flourish comprehensive
tues - 1/4 tsp KN03, 1/16 tsp KH2P04
wens - 8-10 ml flourish comprehensive
thurs - 1/4 tsp KN03, 1/16 tsp KH2P04
fri - 8-10 ml flourish comprehensive
sat - nothing
might be an iron deficiency because i see a little yellowing around the holes??
or possibly hungry snails, lol
I found Hygro Kompact to be very demanding of potassium when I put it in higher light. I had to increase my EI rate of K to get it to come around.

Then it got H U G E.
so... if it is a potassium problem and i don't have any K2S04, can i just add more KN03 and KH2P04?

and if i do need the K2S04, how much should i dose?
I am leaning more toward micros, especially since you are using flourish comprehensive. Even seachem will tell you you may need more micros if you have a higher demanding tank with that product.
While Flourish Comprehensive is supposed to provide the micros, I've seen a lot of posts with questions regarding issues with combining dry ferts with liquids, so that may be one of the issues.

Also, I can't tell how low those leaves are, or how shaded, and knowing that plants will sometimes cannibalize lower, older, shaded leaves for the higher ones (sacrificing the few for the benefit of the many), *snip*
hmm... well, i think i've got everything under the tree i need to make the tropica master grow clone. maybe that will do the trick? at least christmas is only a few days away.
Let me know how it goes. I am tempted to make the Tropica clone as well.
Speaking of DIY TPN, I just received some Millers Microplex and Iron Chelate in the mail today and here's how it looks all made up.
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i vote K def... i'm 99% positive. that plant is the very first aquatic plant that i've owned. incredible K hog. k2so4 in addition to kh2po4 and kno3 and it will turn around. all of the leaves with the holes in them will fall off and you will get plenty of fresh green growth. k is a mobile nutrient. so when there is a lack of k for new leaves the plant robs the old leaves of k and causes those holes.

i dose k on the same day as i dose trace and i dose equal amounts.
When looking for specific deficiencies, and I don't really believe in doing so, always look first at CO2. That is by far the nutrient that plants use the most of, the nutrient that is the hardest to provide an adequate supply of, and the nutrient that is hardest to confirm that you have an adequate supply of. If you can improve that one, and the problem persists, just try doubling the EI recommended dosages to see if that helps. It won't do any harm to try it.
All I can really stand by is my experience with this plant. I had the same problems with it. I dosed more K in response, and it turned around quickly. No more holes, no other problems. It took off and grew with no problems after that.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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