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Hi, I’m new to the aquarium hobby and still finding my feet. currently dossing the seachem product range and still finding the right balance for my tank. I’ve noticed my Anubias Nana leaves are starting to curl and my scarlet Ludwigia has twisted leaves. Not sure if this is a calcium deficieny from what I’ve read, my GH is 6 and KH 5. Any suggestions?

Below is my current dosage for my 35 litre, perhaps overdosing on something?
Flourish Excel4.00ml0.88ml0.88ml0.88ml0.88ml0.88ml0.88ml


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I'm going to ask you to do some of the heavy lifting, by providing more information.
  • How long has the tank been setup?
  • Light (make & model): ideally, PAR and PUR reading/estimate at the substrate and photoperiod? Search this forum to help with this.
  • CO2 setup (if any) and, if you inject CO2 (pressurized or DIY?), what is the CO2 ppm level, how is it measured and how is it timed with your photoperiod?
  • Current NO3, PO4, GH, KH, pH and TDS readings and which test kits/devices are used for each?
  • What you are dosing (product and quantity), in terms of ppm, and how often? This calculator will help: PPM Calculator
  • Substrate type and how long has it been in place?
  • What is your filter setup?
  • Cleaning regimen (filter and water change frequency and amount)?
  • Circulation: surface rippling and are all plants gently moving from top to bottom?
  • What is your water source and do you use a water softener?
  • What is your tank size?

Please look up each of your plants to determine what, if any, special needs they may have. With this, you can see better if you are meeting the needs of the plant. Here is a website that may help: Plants
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