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Hey everyone. I would appreciate any and all feedback. Here it goes. I have a 36g bow front that I planted two months ago. I let it cycle for a week before hand, not too long. Haven't had a huge algae problem because I had had the tank set up previously. Anyway. I've got java fern, water wisteria, rotalla (not sure the exact type), anubias nana, and dwarf sag in dirt with plenty of iron. The dwarf sag, rotalla, and anibius are all growing good. However, the others seem to have browning at the tips of the leaves. I'm dosing the recommended amount of potassium 3-4 times a week, flourish once a week, and liquid co2 every other day. I do have hard water and a slightly high ph: 8.2. As for lighting I've got a two bulb t5 fixture. Each are 14watts. I do about a 20-30% water change weekly. What's going on? Haha. Thanks in advance for the input!
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