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Deep Substrate question

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My substrate is about 3-4" deep and my rank is heavily planted. I have noticed that it looks like algae is forming in it about 1" down. I see it all along the glass.
I was told to use MTS to help the substrate but I have assassin snails and I know they will eat them. So the question is, is there any other animal that will work as well as the MTS in burrowing in the substrate?
I used Florite substrate so it's not sandy at all.
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Hairy nerites. I forget their real name, but if you google I'm sure it'll come up. I have 2 right now. They get a little larger then regular nerites. I don't think they are actually related, just the name. They clean the glass, eat dead plants, burrow in the gravel and pretty much leave everything else alone.
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