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Deep Blue aquatics contact

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I was wondering if anyone knew how to get in touch with the company Deep Blue. I bought a 48" 2x54w T5HO fixture with built in moonlighting. The moonlights have since stopped working and I cannot find a way to get in touch with the company.
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I've already look at that particular site. I have located the actual site and there is no contact option on their page. I've come to a standstill in my hunt.
Where did you purchase the fixture. Awhile back i did some research on their fixtures and found another person who had an issue with a fixture on their reef tank. The only way they were able to get anything done was via the LFS where he had purchased the fixture. It sounded like through them he was able to get it taken care in a timely manner. This kept me away from buying one since I would have to order online. Good luck with getting it taken care of.

I think the company you are looking for is called Deep Blue Proffesional.

The company website: It's pretty bad....

Scroll down on this website and click the deep blue link..The PDF has a lot more info than the deepblue site does. It's a copy of what looks like their brochure and phone numbers are at the bottom of each page...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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