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Decision time: Bolivian Rams or Kribs ?

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I'm planning on getting some kind of cichlid for my 55gallon low tech planted tank in a month or two, but unsure of which one. I've had bolivian rams before and liked them a lot, but the kribs at my LFS are quite stunning and interesting. The other inhabitants of the tank will be danio's, guppies, gold barbs, khuli loaches, bristlenose pleco, and maybe some ghost shrimp. With these inhabitants, which would be the better cichlid ? Anyone have any personal experiences with either of these fish ? Any advice or opinions are greatly appreciated.

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With either choice, your shrimp are going to be goners. Kribs are more aggressive when breeding, but have some beautiful colors and are so much better parents, that it might be worth it.

I've never kept bolivian rams, but I've kept blue rams, and I've had Kribs. When given the choice between the two, it's hard to say which I liked better. Kribs, especially when getting ready to breed, have the most stunning colors, I'd be hard passed to choose rams over them again...
The kribs colors at the LFS were what caught my eye. Quite a stunning fish. I've had bolivian rams before and liked them, but those kribs are very neat. I've got awhile before I put the cichlids in the tank, but I think I'm leaning towards kribs. Thanks for the reply.
I had a pair of kribs in my 40 Long a while back. They didn't seem to bother anyone except for the Cherry Red Shrimp they made snacks out of. Need less to say I wan't very happy. Very pretty fish though.
I have 2 kribs housed in a 55g. Sadly they were not mature when I bought them and there both males [though one Did look like a femael] so Im trading one of the males thursday for a female. But Iv had them for 2-3 months now and there awsome. Im just having trouble getting females. Hopefully the 4th try will be the charm. The Dominant male does chase the other male but they overall do still seem fine as its planted.

Mine are housed with 5 platys, 10 kuhlies, 12 Rasbora espes [they might be goners when the kribs breed], 3 pearl gouramis, 5 otos. And who knows how many snails. Also there are a FEW ghost shrimp left, though I had 2+dozen.
And I had a store away Dragonfly nymph that sadly ate all the platy fry and then scared me when I stumbled upon it. eek

I also was here once to though. I could not decide between bolvian rams, kribs or keyholes but needless to say I choose kribs. With the hopes of someday getting a ram tank XD
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The choices are tough, I'll say that. I'm hoping for good luck when I go to get a pair. I thought I had it nailed when I had bolivians the first time, but I ended up with 3 males ! There was some chasing between them, but they never harmed any other tankmates. There was about 5 at my LFS, and 3 of them had intense red stomachs. Those are females, right ?
If its a bright red stomach and the dorsal fin does NOT have the color to the end then its more then likely a female.
I find my males have a pale red stomach with a absolutly beautiful dorsal fin and tail.
Bolivian ram is not as colorful, I like the krib better. I actually got a bolivian ram with some ghost shrimp and he doesn't bother them at all.
Shadow: I decided to get my kribs, and it looks like I might have 2 females. The guy at the LFS said he was unsure of the sexes since they were so young. I guess only time will tell. If I get some time, I'll post pics. I really hope they're a pair, since catching these guys in a planted tank seems like it would be a royal PITA.
KRIBS are much nicer , much much much nicer do them
I started with a pair of Kribs in a planted community tank. These fish are the rabbits of the aquarium world!

I now have 14 kribs and they are starting to pair up too.

Their colors are beautiful and their ritual a treat to watch. Just have a plan for all the little kribs that are sure to arrive.

I wish I had a plan before hand, now it looks like I will be donating a few to the local school.
Kribs for me. But I like bolivian rams better as they are less aggressive than the kribs.:icon_mrgr
Well, I found a male krib for my 2 ladies. He's quite a bit bigger than the girls. Is this normal ? Within 10 minutes of putting him in the tank the girls started doing a little dance for him. He seems to hang out in the litle cave I got at Petsmart. I'm glad I went with these fish. Once I saw the guys in the LFS, they were very easy to sex. They're so neat :icon_mrgr
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