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Decided to post my newly planted tank

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Tank: 30 Gallons

Plants: Anubias, Wysteria, Java Fern, Amazon Sword

6 Cardinal Tetras (my niece picked out)
6 Corydoras Paleatus
6 Corydoras Melanistus
3 Bronze Corydoras (5 weeks that are just growing up a bit more then leaving)

Just planted today, I know it's not much. I used to dabble in planted then stopped, sort of the spur of the moment deal. Letting plants grow in a bit before getting more and removing decor. Don't worry tank wasn't set up today. Had the tank for a while
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Yeah, it wouldn't hurt to add some more green. First time I have seen plaid for a background and I can't say it does much for me, but I can see that its colors match the cories just fine.

Let us see this as it evolves!
That's actually my wall paper lol getting a wall backing either black or light blue haven't decided. My plan is to add many different anubias species that will almost resemble big bushes. I purchased a new light today still not much, only one t8 18 watt . Advice on how to make the bushes look nicer in any way, positioning and what not feel free to commment

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So I changed it up. Got some staurogynes repens from lfs along with some more java ferns. Planted java ferns together in back to start one bush and hoping to somewhat carpet with repens. Won't be crazy dense but it will make me happy .

It's very clouding added ferts think it started a mini cycle.

Purchasing a 25 gallon to do a medium- high light co2 setup done right with good substrate. Excited to start this new money hole project lol. Purchasing beautiful stones from mrbluepanda. Most likely will just be home to 6 Corydoas melanistus or panda. And some tetras
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Why did you decide to add ferts all of a sudden? If you do that on your future high light tank you are asking for an algae disaster.

Make your the rhizome of the java ferns are not buried in the substrate. If they are, they will rot and die.
Figured I'd do a weekly dose of leaf zone from api. And they are tied to stones

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Leaf zone will help with potassium and iron.

Potassium and iron shouldn't really cloud the water. A cycle could be caused by the buildup of ammonia and/or nitrates.

How long has your tank been up?
About a year. Switched it up a bit!

Added co2 to help fight the battle also adopted otos . Decided to forget a whole new tank and just focus on this one. Going to put my fish in my grandfather's tank. Well established for a long while very healthy. And do this one over, new substrate. New light. 2 T5. Excited to do once I get my tax return!
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Tank Update. Algae Gone as well ad most of the repens lol damn corys

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Lower light cycle

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Nice setup but you should add a few more plants to prevent future algae outbreaks.

Maybe try picking up a few pots of anubias, Petco always seems to have them in stock in case you want a quick solution.
New light fixture.
Dual t12 fixture.
Currently running one 40 watt 4' t12 6500 daylight at 9" above water level. Should I run the second one also or no need?
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I figure there's no need for more light with that few plants.
It's looking quite good as a minimalist tank.
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