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Death of the Big Clear Kahuna

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:( I was sitting in my home office, on a conference call, when I heard the distinct - LOUD - sound of rushing water. I got up and glanced in the kitchen. Nope, no one in there. So, I stepped away from my business call and found - to my great dismay - 75 gallons of water RAPIDLY exiting my home built all glass tank.

The failure was nothing less than catastrophic. No slow leak here. It probably started slowly, but the water pressure pushed the back glass panel a good 1/4" away from one of the side panels. Once about 65 gallons was out, the water stopped leaking. It took about somewhere between 30 and 90 seconds. Sorry I was too busy to get a good picture.

What you see below is the aftermath. 6 discus and a whole lot of plants and driftwood crammed into a 40g garbage can - hoping for no deaths.

I'll need to post links to this in all my "Kahuna" related threads. Both the DIY and Photo Album threads. But that will have to wait. The day after this happened I had to go on a 3 day business trip. So these poor fish have been without food for 4 days, crammed into a garbage can. This weekend will be dedicated to buying and setting up a new tank. No time for posting.

I'm bummed that this happened, and think I know why it happened. IMO it was not a random event. But that speculation will have to wait. I've got to go get a tank. No time for crying now... I'll do plenty of that later. Now I've got things to do... :(
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Steve, I am so sorry to hear about this! Anything I can do let me know. You have the right attitude though, just move on!

My heart absolutely broke when I saw this... :: hugs ::

I'm so sorry!
That sucks so much. I wish the the best of luck and hopefully everything will survive!
Oh no, I was hoping the title was some cruel joke. Sorry to see that.
That just terrible. I'm sorry that happened to you and your fish/plants.

On a positive note, I know you'll outdo it in your next revision, though!

I've read a majority of your "Big Kahuna" thread, like many other here, and learned lots. You've contributed so much. Thank you.
I am speechless, I don’t know what to say, apart I am so sorry for you. But I’m sure your next tank will be even more beautiful.
Wish you all the best for setting up your next aquarium.
Sorry for your loss!
The next Kahuna will be even better!!
A100 gal.tank 6 foot long broke on me 3 years ago ,I know how much pain in the a** it is to fix it all up.but you'll get through it all.
Hope the fish make it!

Sorry - I've enjoyed reading all about Kahuna. :icon_cry:

Sanford, Maine
Oh my god...Steve if there is ANYTHING I can do to help, please let me know.
holy crap! Steve that totally sucks!!!!!!
The fish will hopefully be fine...What can we do. I am not far from you, let us know if we can help in any way. So sorry!
Whooo. Hope all survive. That is terrible news. Good luck with the new tank.
Steve, so sorry that you have to live through our worst hobby nightmare. I hope that fish, house, and owner make it through this alright. Best of luck!
One thought Steve. While you are gone, maybe your family could transfer the plants to another garbage can with some regular water from the house - the plants will be fine - to give the Discus more room in the main temporary can.
OMG!!!!!!!!! Steve my friend, I am so sorry to here that!!

Steve I bet if you call Al, he might have a spare tank to house the fish till you get back up an runnin. I dont have another tank just yet, or I would.

Anything I can do besides that let me know.
Wow that is a total bummer!
Sorry about what happen Scolley, you put a lot of work into this tank and it doesn't deserve to end like this. But sometimes in life, things happens and I guess we just have to deal with it.

Hope you can get your new tank up ASAP, your tank was sweet looking.
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