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Deal or No Deal....

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I went to a thrift shop and found a nice "little" fish tank. Shes a 50 gallon which comes with a stand, an emporer 280, 2 heaters and some sort of light fixture. Any how, the price is $150.00. I have no problem paying this amount of money, but the way the shop is set up is kind of wierd. So if no one buys it with-in 2 weeks the price is either reduced by half or the owners will come pick it up. I assume bacause it is summer and the shop is on a military base, the owners are getting ready to move. So should I buy now, or wait it out and see what happens. I don't really think anyone will buy it because the top that holds the light is broken, and there is a sign that says "broken glass".So other customers may think the actual tanks is cracked.

But I want your opinion, Deal or No Deal?
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I would definately want to fill it up as well.. If you can't, at least be sure to run your finger accross the silicone to ensure it is still plyable and not brittle, and fairly even throughout. If you take it, I would also ask them to give you 48 hours to bring it back if there are leaks.

Since the shop is setup to discount this after a couple of weeks, you should be able to haggle with them...
For a 50g, I wouldn't say that's such a great deal. Wait for a price drop or try
Thanks guys, I'll be sure to see if I can get some sort of grace period to give it a test run. I have been checking around other threads and have decided no deal for now, seeing as this isn't such a great price, but will be watching out for a deduction(run-on LOL, but hay schools out). when that happens I'll let you all know. I have been excited plannig on whats going to go into it and all.


If that is a 50 gallon that is 3' x 2' wide x 18(I think) high, then GET IT!

Great size, like a 40 breeder, but taller. Try to get a deal, but even if it leaks it'd be worth getting and resealing. That might be my favorite sized tank ever!
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