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I think i experienced a CPO disease
i realized my cpo dying in my 40gal tank
so i moved 3 of them to my 20gal cpo tank which there were at least 40 cpos in there
then more cpos died everyday
i tried to stop it... i did 100% water change few times , i changed filter , i moved cpos
to different tank... however i couldnt stop it
almost all of my cpos died like this

it all start like this

then black dot spread all of its legs

then they lost their legs ,or some of their legs look broken
upside down in water and die

i will miss this moment

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i have to think it's disease because there was only one cpo in different tanks from this 20gal tank
and they still losing their legs and dying
i thought if a pair can survive, i can breed them again , but i failed
i have 5 cpo alive as today and all of them have black things on their body
im sure all of them will die in one week

i wont keep cpos for a while ....
so heres my experience with cpo for last one year :D

this is my 20gal cpo tank , they breed and survive good in this tank

african rootwood is good for cpo, it has lots of holes on it so babies can hide in it

i left them like this for few days
and 30 became 13 next day without any trace lol

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