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Dead sword

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Well, I had my first casualty this A.M. One of my Red Sword Tails was belly up. I had given the tank a small does of minced garlic last night as I read it was healthy to do so & the fish liked it. Maybe a coincidence or maybe not. Water parameters are all fine with Nitrites, Nitrates & Ammonia all at 0.... Any idea's? I'm going to take the fish back to Petco & get another or something else. Just seems kind of strange.
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Found the problem. :icon_evil
Each store seems to be surprisingly different. Some are clean and have no dead fish and knowledgeable staff. Not too common but it happens. Better than *mart.
Well, I returned the dead body to the store & got my $1.69 credit (with tax). I decided to NOT by anymore fish from them right now. Now, speaking in Petco's defense, I did buy two others along with the one that died & they are doing fine as of today. Time will tell. I went to a new store & bought some more fish. The name of the store is Rhode Island Aquarium & they have been in the biz for 42 years & they know their stuff. Anyway, I bought 4 Albino Cats & 2 Male Sail Fin Molly's. Got them soaking now. Wish me luck!!
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