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Dead Nerite Snail?

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I've had nerite snails for a few weeks now. I had four in my tank. A couple days ago, one died. The ammonia and nitrites were at 0, nitrates at 5. My other snails and my betta are all fine. I think it might have been old age, since he was always the biggest and slowest, but I'm not sure. Any other possibilities?
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pH is 8.0, I'm not sure about gH and kH but my water is akaline and hard, temperature is 79f. The tank has been cycled for a few months. I've used food to add ammonia and bottled bacteria for two weeks to cycle. Fish out of cycle. I added ammonia after tank cycled before getting fish, and within 24 hours it was gone. I don't have assassins in this tank. I haven't used medications in this tank, as everyone seemed healthy.
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