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De-worming snails and shrimps of internal parasites.. Can it be done?

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Like the title suggests, is it possible to de-worm snails and shrimps of internal parasites? Thing is, I have a TON of ramshorn snails, MTS snails, scud gammarus shrimp, dwarf shrimp culls in a tank that I use to collect a whole lot of them when they overpopulate my planted tanks; it's a tank without fish, by the way, and I would LOVE to feed them to my clown loaches and other big fish, BUT I fear that they may have nematode parasites in them such as callamanus worms; you know, those nasty, disgusting, deadly killer parasitic red worms that infect fish inside of their gastrointestinal tracts, and then hang out on a fish's anus.. :icon_mad: Ugh. So, here's my plan.. I have a good number of de-worming medicated fish flake food with deworming active ingredients medications such as: praziquentel, levamisole, fenbendazole. And I also have powdered prazi, powder fenbendazole, powdered metronidazole to dose in the tank too, and my idea is by feeding them the deworming medicated fish flakes and in conjunction with the meds in the water column would help them de-worm, defecate, purge themselves of the worms and be killed by the medications that is in the water? Or would I be risking it and end up killing all of my snails and shrimps? If the snails and shrimps have internal parasites, is it too late, it's inside of them forever, and I shouldn't even bother trying to de-worm them? I have a ton of ramshorns that are ready to unload that I want to feed my loaches, but I am sick-to-the-stomach worried I might infect them with worms and have to deal with parasites. I've been putting some thought about experimenting with one small cheap healthy fish eating one of the scuds, and crushed ramshorns I have in the tank to test to see if they would contract any worms.. Should I give it a shot? Or try my idea of de-worming the inverts with the medicated flakes and then killing the worms that come into contact with meds in the water, OR just going with only one kind of med treatment without the other?

What do you think, guys? What would work?

I'd really appreciate any input.

Thanks, all.

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Don't try No Planaria. It is supposed o be for Planaria and says safe for fish...
But I just used it to kill the Planaria in one of my 10g tanks and it also killed all my snails. Since I smash pond snails whenever I can I didn't have any full sized ones of those but many smaller ones which I'll never see to remove are dead and all the full grown ram snails also. They were not as hard to find. Also killed the Nerites.
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