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dayglows breeding!

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well did NOT expect that!!!! just moved all our cichlids into a 170 gallon and BAM! 2 weeks later the female has a mouthfull! at least i have my 15 gallon running so we scooped her out and put her in there until she drops her babies. :)

the male is still holding about 1/2 of the tank for himself. at least we only have 12 cichlids in there and all under 4 inches.


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im like an anxious mom!! the female dayglow has settled into her house nicely!
Dayglows are beautiful fish. Did you get them from Patrick/Gill n' Fins? He seems to be the only dealer I've found in Canada that has Dayglows (He's in Alberta I think...?). I've always wanted to set up a Victorian tank too. Got any pictures?
i actually bought them as a pair at the ACE auction.. i thought it was just one but when i got the bag.. zip zip i saw 2. and they seem to be a breeding pair so i lucked out. when we first added them they had bland color... but as soon as they had enough room and they got comfy they started showing signs. then i noticed she was holding.

ive heard good things about gills n fins.. he does have some and i think we want to pick up some more females for him. he is one of the best looking dayglows ive ever seen, even from pictures on the internet.. since the female is out of the tank he has already lost so much color. i snapped some pics today..

the female is usually a pale yellow... mostly beige tho.. just yellow on the tips of her fins. the male has so many colors, the blue on his cheek the black on his fins! one of my favorite fish for sure... i think we will be turning the 170 gallon into a victorian tank.

ill add some pics after they are uploaded.

together as a pair:taken during breeding behavior

male: taken after female was removed

female: in separate tank

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Wow. that's the haplochromis right? We just had a guy drop a few babies of these off at the store. Gotta start blowin them up now, they're gorgeous.
your right it is !
the scientific name:
Haplochromis (Xystichromis) sp. "dayglow"

yeah they are so beautiful. i lucked out and got a great pair. i hope that i get a bunch of babies from these guys.. but if i dont oh well they are still a great addition to our tank.

our hippo point salmon has been challenging the male dayglow for his territory.. just alot of display not much action lol but cute to watch :)

i wish i had a better camera... so many better pictures and videos..

Yeah, Patrick has some beauties. I've never ordered from him, as I only had a 90gl Malawi tank (Pseudotropheus Saulosi), but if I ever went Victorian, I wouldn't even be able to make up my mind if I ordered from him.
Do you have any FTS of your tank?
lol i dont... but il get you one tomorrow when my light goes on in the morning... i warn you it has plastic plants.. lol but makes up for it with tonnes nice wood!


ps.. the tank and stand cost me 200$.. its still in the clean up the outside look stage.. lol new stand coming in the new year!
Great looking fish, reminds me of the tie dyed shirts the cool older kids had when I was a child.
as promised FTS:

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BIG news! we have free swimmers!!! will try to get pics but they are so small.. as soon as we came up to the tank she started sucking them up again!! super tiny but i have brine shrimp eggs so im starting a batch tonight. besides that i have a baby cichlid food for them plus homemade food!

so excited! *squeeeaaaalllllll*

a picture of mom and babies. :) there is at least 30 i counted!

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Looking good. Just make sure that the mom is getting enough food and the babies are getting their share. I had some small issues with my P. Saulosi fry for a while until I fine-tuned my feeding with them.
they seem to be doing great.. if anything i feed them to much! 3 feedings a day and the mom is eating much better now. she is gaining her weight back already. i can already see size differences in the babies, its pretty cool. :)


just a quick video i took of the 15 gallon .... i am still looking for a stand for my other 15... i know i know... ill set it up soon. but i want it to be perfect!

i think i have about 30 ish fry. they will be moved as soon as someone buys my blue crayfish.. any takers?? :biggrin:

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