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Does anyone here run a dawn/dusk LED lighting system? Sort of like this one:

I recently read an article related to circadian rhythm's in plants. Here's a quote from it that made me wonder:

"Coordinating biochemical activity with the timing of dusk and dawn could provide a particular benefit in the case of carbon metabolism (Dodd et al, 2005). Some of the carbon fixed by photosynthesis is stored in the chloroplasts as transitory starch, which is broken down to provide a source of sugars throughout the night, preventing starvation-induced inhibition of plant growth (Zeeman et al, 2007; Graf et al, 2010)."

I've seen amazing tanks with non-dusk/dawn fluorescent lighting, so I know the whole dawn/dusk thing is not that important. I do wonder however, if it helps plants at all? If it does, will that help combat algae? Since the best way to limit algae is by keeping your plants as healthy as possible. Just some thoughts I had. Interested to see what someone with a lighting system like this says.
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