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EDIT: Pico is no longer for sale. I ended up tearing it down and moving the shrimp and DHG to a new tank.

As the title says, I'm selling a fully established ~1/4 gallon pico complete with its flora, fauna, and hardscape. Here's the bowl:

The pico consists of:
- Glass bowl
- ADA Aquasoil Amazonia
- Dwarf hairgrass (lots of it!)
- A few Salvinia and duckweed floaters
- 4 red cherry shrimp (one female was berried last I saw her)
- 2 round black river stones (central hardscape)

I will also include a packet of algae wafers as shrimp food.

Sorry, lamp is NOT included! You'll have to find your own light source. I think this bowl would work well in a windowsill.

Easy maintenance: I change 1/2 of the water every weekend and top off as needed. No ferts, no heater.

Asking $30 for all! You will have to pick up. Post here or send me a PM if interested.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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