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Darkening a divider

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I recently purchased one of those dividers that you find in any large petstore for my 10g so that I could house two male bettas. The plan was to have plants act as the curtains to the divider so they wouldn't see each other that much. Unfortunately even with the amount of plants I have they can still see each other and try to get one another. The plants will need some time to grow in, I understand that.

I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how I could darken the divider so that it wouldn't be as easy for them to catch movement on the other side.

One of them has been moved out and into a 4g until I can resolve this because there is no need for them to stress each other out all week.
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Kyrlon fusion spray paint.
Excellent. I will give it a try.
you can also buy craft mesh and double up on the mesh divider.
Wedding veil netting (tule) is very cheap and easy to wrap around the divider. At about $1 you get a yard long possibly 72 inches wide. Very handy to make all kinds of fish things like nets. Comes in a bunch of different colors at any craft/fabric store.
Went to Home Depot and they didn't have the Krylon, so I'm going to try some of the screen that you use on sliding glass doors. Should work out well.
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