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Dark Green Baby Colors

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Like the title says we have 4 Mommas that gave birth and there are babies everywhere.
Question some of the babies show light green coloration while others are clear, some have a slight reddish tint to their clear-ness!
Seems like I read this was normal just want to make sure. We need to do something with the Ricca it is just over running the top of the tank, but it is full of kids LOL Can I attach the Ricca to something and put it on the bottom of the tank? It is very thick healthy.
Mommas are expecting again.
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Post some pictures! We all want to see the cute babies!
oohhhhhh ,, coolness ,, you must post pics , and send me some :)
They are so tiny!!!!!! I have to use a magnifying glass 5X to really see them, but I will try. That day I was watching the momma give birth, now that was an incredible site. She did not move for hours.
I need PIX!!!! hahah. jk Cocobid, take your time.
awsome! i got two big fat mama dg's that are about to burst i can't wait! i read that dg's are supposed to be all red when first born til juvie but mine are like yours clear,red,reddish brown,light green etc.anyway congrats!
Thanks Paul, really would like to know how yours turn out. Mine mainly like to live in the Ricca.

OK I've tried & tried to get some really good pics of the babies. What we have found is that in the mornings they are out and feeding on the glass algae by the co2. They seem to really like this. Problem is that their tank receives morning sun and photographing this is a challenge.

Will keep trying with the pics.
wait is it bright? if its bright enough, use high high high iso and macro mode...then pray for good pics to show up. use continuous shooting mode if you have to.
Just curious did the parents come from my stock?
Yes sir!!!
Hollywood what colors did your babies show during their early months?????
Hollywood Thank You!!!!
The last couple of days a few have ventured out to dine with the adults in the pellet area. Up in the floating Ricca they are now quite visible. There are sooooo many babies. I will have to sell some off just don't know when is the right time to ship. They are really small.
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