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I have a 6.6 gallon bookshelf aquarium that is struggling with what looks like dark green algae at the edge of plant leaves. It is not cyanobacteria, I'm familiar with that stuff and this definitely isn't it. The tank has been running for 4 months with plants, I added a dozen neocaridina shrimp 2 months ago, and 6 pygmy corydoras and a nerite snail 1 month ago. I use remineralized RO water for 20% weekly water changes. Parameters are as follows:
pH 7.4
Ammonia/nitrite/nitrate 0/0/0 - yes it's fully cycled
GH 8
KH 5
Phosphate 0.5
Temp 76 F

I use the 24" hygger Advanced Full Spectrum LED Aquarium Light with 24/7 Lighting Cycle and use the 24/7 lighting cycle

A few weeks ago, I started using the NilocG PPS PRO system where you mix the dry ferts into 2 solutions, a macro and micro and dose daily. The fertilizers include KNO3, KH2PO4, K2SO4, MgSo4, and CSM+B for micros.

Here are photos of the full tank, and close ups of the plants. You can see the dwarf hairgrass is covered in dark green and the bacopa is losing the lower leaves. The wisteria is also dark green at the edge of the older growth, the new growth is bright green. The algae is also on the tank walls and on the sand. Also, the plants get covered in little air bubbles in the afternoon every day. Is that normal?

What should I change to get rid of the algae? Less light? More fertilizer? Is the 0 ppm nitrate part of the issue?
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