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dark blue neocaridina?

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i just found something amazing in one of my rack tanks that i just had to share with you guys.

The story starts a while back, someone around the beginning of summer(or end of spring) when i was trying to stock my shrimp tanks, i had gotten some wild type neocaridina from one of our members, i acclimated them, and completely forgot about them.

Close to 6 months later, and after 4 months of green water, the water cleared up and i saw something amazing. A shrimp with dark blue specks on its lower half. now that i discovered the shrimp, i looked a little bit more and found some more shrimp like her, so now im left with a couple choices, i could:

A) try to specific breed the holy bejesus out of them, and and try to get some fire blues or stone blues (whatever the dark blue neocaridinas are called)

B) let my colony do its thing

C) possibly sell them to another member for specific breeding

D) ??????

i snapped some pictures, but they didnt come out too clear, so im gonna wait until its dark, and go try again.

i uploaded the clearest picture i have for right now, any suggestions/comments/ideas would be great as i am in a deadlock and cannot decide what to do with the colony.


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Odd balls in wild types is how breeders have developed red, yellow, snowballs. Move your odd balls to a new home and see what happens after a generation or two.
The more they breed with each other, the more of a percentage the off spring will be blue. I second that opinion. Throw the blues in a separate tank and let them do their thing.
alright, into the seperate tank they go.
heres 2 more pics.


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Are you sure that you don't just have Malawa shrimp? My Malawa shrimp are brown, blue (like yours) or a little green.
Interesting point that xecutionx makes.
I recently saw a batch of "blueberry" shrimp at a LFS. Now, I'm red green shade weak. What that means in this case is I didn't see any blue in the "blueberry" shrimp. I saw wide variety of shades of brown, green, and red in them but no blue. Some of the shrimp were an amazing blend of browns, greens, and reds, but there is no way I would have named them blueberry.
I have a few blueberry shrimp that I got at a LFS and they look very close to the shrimp you have pictured. They were a very dark blue when I got them at the store and by the next morning they looked almost green or brown with a dark stripe down the back. I have seen these shrimp labeled as blueberry, blackberry and dark blue shrimp. I think the scientific name is caridina babaulti var. blue but I could be mistaken. That is the problem with common names in the hobby, it leads to more confusion.
heres another picture. these shrimp started off as wild type brown, they were a dark color when i mixed them in, i lost about 20, after that, i culled out some blue pearl shrimp from my main tank, and tossed them into that tank,

several months later, this is the result, now its time for me to specific breed these guys into a super dark version.


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