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Daphnia as Absorbers

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Will adding daphnia improve water quality? When they reproduce, the added mass of the colony has to come from somewhere- I'm wondering if they filter your water to some degree?

I'm not thinking of adding greenwater or any food to the tank though- it's my shrimp tank. But I thought I might grow daphnia for the purpose of further stabilizing my ecosystem. And to raise food for other fish.

Would daphnia die off if you don't feed them? Or will they survive on algae and stuff in the water? I have a 55 gallon planted tank, btw.

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You need to use a combo of yeast and flour I believe, and tiny amounts to avoid fouling the water. I kept a colony going for almost a year, then one day it crashed hard.
Green water is far superior and easier, a simple collection of mason jars with tank water after a water change in a sun lit window sil or on a patio grows green water quickly

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