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Daphnia as Absorbers

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Will adding daphnia improve water quality? When they reproduce, the added mass of the colony has to come from somewhere- I'm wondering if they filter your water to some degree?

I'm not thinking of adding greenwater or any food to the tank though- it's my shrimp tank. But I thought I might grow daphnia for the purpose of further stabilizing my ecosystem. And to raise food for other fish.

Would daphnia die off if you don't feed them? Or will they survive on algae and stuff in the water? I have a 55 gallon planted tank, btw.

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It is possible to raise daphnia in a shrimp tank. They can eat more than just green algae water, they can eat yeast, egg yolk (hardboiled dry/crushed powdered), blended green peas, and more. The algae water is convenient since it "filters" the water (uses up ammonia, nitrites, nitrates), making it cleaner/healthier and is a constant food source that isn't polluting like lingering food would. I think golden pearls (smallest micron sizes), finely crushed up flake food might work. Anything small really, but daphnia cultures aren't all that stable, so clean, healthy water and feeding often is needed or else the culture might crash/die.

I haven't tried the yeast feeding, sounds like a nice method, but I am unsure how it affects the water quality.
By the way, I think daphnia like cooler temps (68-70*F).

But, what do you mean daphnia as absorbers/improving water quality? They won't really make water quality better, they are just another livestock that also adds bioload to a tank (all though not much). And by them eating the green algae water, they are actually removing the algae that is making the water healthier.
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