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Feed just enough so that the water will clear in a couple hours.

I highly recommend Daphnia and other freshwater plankton over brine shrimp, for freshwater tanks. The Freshwater cousin of Brine shrimp are Fairy shrimp and are hatched and raised the same way.

You can have a lot of fun raising live foods. You'll be in control of your fishes health.

Choose a live food that will not be too big for your fish.

Daphnia magna are too large for many fish we keep. Daphnia pulex may be just right. Moina may be too small. You could use a net to only cull the right size Dahnia.

Daphnia filter feed from the water column. Recipes can be simply green water made from aquarium water, or purchased alga such as Chlorella (fresh or marine), or liquid foods like coral food or homemade recipes of inactivated yeast, blood meal, soy flour, manure, all the way to sewage sludge. Yes, these guys have been used to clear up grey water.

Where do you get them? Ditches, fountains, and small pools, Online. Obtain a small batch because they will adapt to the environment.

Do use a simple acrylic airline tube without an airstone to gently aerate the water.

Airstones will produce fine bubbles that will get trapped in the carapace and suffocate the little guys.

Light will keep the algae growing and you will need a lot of green water. So plan to make a supplemental liquid food.
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