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Dang, another "flavor".. lime

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for those interested in White LED's w/ high CRI..
2 interesting pages:

From the last one, which I found informative;
For instance, colour tuning of 2,250-2,950K can be achieved with an R9>90, CRI>90 and efficacy of 90 lm/W using Luxeon Z combinations. When using a similar combination of red, green and blue LEDs to create 3,000K white light, the CRI is close to 20,” claimed the firm. “Alternatively, tuneable white light with high efficacy can be achieved from 1,800-6,500K along the blackbody curve.” Lime is the highest efficacy Lumileds LED manufactured to date, some devices hitting 200 lm/W at 350mA and 85°C (Highest bin is 190 lm/W typical). The company tests Rebel ES Lime LEDs at 350mA/85°C, while the equivalent royal blue and blue are tested at 700mA/25°C. All other Rebel Color emitters are tested at 350mA/25°C.
- See more at:
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Too bad lime isn't very useful for plants.
I know but there are plants and there are plant growers.. both need to be happy..For now I'll stick w/ cyan as my "new lime" but as much as I loved normal led's there always seemed something missing..and there is. (YMMV) Granted this is a visual appeal thing but the fact that industry has pointed in this direction tends to support that theory..

Just showing that we are only in the beginning of this evolution.. so to speak.
Jeff, I'm just going to say I'm so glad there are people like you around here who can and are so willing to interpret that jargon for us laypeople. :icon_bigg
Thank you...
Too bad lime isn't very useful for plants.
But what it will accomplish besides better CRI will include making the tank look brighter. It creates a peak very close to photopic sensitivity which is 555.5nm

Hopefully this site and Build My Led will incorporate this led into their product line.
Hopefully this site and Build My Led will incorporate this led into their product line.

Luminous Intensity - 190 lumens @ 350ma, 344 lumens @ 700ma, and 484 lumens at 1,000ma (Figure 13 in Datasheet) - Color Temperature -Broad spectrum Lime (Figure 6 in Datasheet)
- Wavelength - 567nm - peak, broad full spectrum from 490nm - 750nm (Figure 6 in datasheet)
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