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I noticed damaged/deformed shells on one side on two of my female cherries in my 5 gallon betta tank, I thought it may have been because they were damaged after a moult. Now I found one with the same thing, only in both sides, in my main 30 gallon community tank. I'm wondering if people have seen this and can offer any advice. The deformation looks IDENTICAL across both tanks, the gill covering? Looks like it has been bunched up, it isn't just missing but thicker at the edge.

Both tanks have a pH of around 7.8-8.0, paremeters usually hold steady at around 0/0/10-20 as they both are planted and fertilized. My water hardness is gh 8-10 and kh 6-8 depending on the week, but I do add a half dose of Seachem Equilibrium every two to three weeks to replenish any trace minerals I might be missing

One thing I just got a few days ago is a TDS meter that compensates for temps. The 30 gallon tested around 300 for TDS, the betta tank though was around 420 which both suprised and dismayed me.

Would a high TDS affect the shells like this? Could it be genetics? I've attached pictures, if more are needed I can add to them. Any help is appreciated. Thank you!


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