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Hi everybody,

I am located in Troy, NY. I have a 30g tank and I started with 4 mollies 2 years ago. 2 black and 2 dalmatian. The tank is heavily planted. Needless to say, they started breeding like crazy. I already sold them several times to some local aquarium shops but the production is higher than the demand. They look really nice and I have a very broad range of sizes (from 2 week old babies to 1.5" long guys).
I have roughly 40 of them and I am looking to trade some of them for:
-carpeting plants (like baby tears)
-equipment (compact fluorescent lights 6700K squared pin)

I also have 2 female Red SwordTail and 2 SwordTail/sunrise Platy (they interbreeded).

I can only do pick up because I really don't know how to ship fishes.

PM me if interested!

I will post a pic or two of the fishes maybe tonight! ;)
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