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A continuation of a conversation about the 'Boys from this thread: Aquarium Plants Landscaping Tools. Trying to avoid a complete thread hijack. ;)

But anybody else can join in, too. :)


Re: Grammatica ~ I'm not Catholic or even religious, but was glad to see it, too, and not only for the humor in the juxtaposition. There is something adorably out of place about it, yes, but also something wonderful about seeing this little Catholic guy playing for and with all these BIG "Cowboys" and not being afraid or even hesitant about crossing himself, any flak coming his way be damned. (I can't understand why everyone's afraid of others' expressions of spirituality. But I digress...)

I agree wholeheartedly with Romo being the real deal. He's AWESOME!!! He's not only a GOOD player, but he's humble, too. Reminds me of Peyton Manning. That humility will make everyone else really want to follow him. With more experience, no telling how much better/sharper his skills will get and how high he'll go. I can see him having stickier fingers as Grammatica runs up for the kick, too. ;) And with that humble good team player attitude, he'll be protected on the field, no doubt.

As far as TO is concerned I was actually impressed ... If he can shut his mouth and play, I can't wait to see what they can do this year......
And I agree again, especially with the "shut his mouth" part. No doubt about it he's good ~ very, VERY good ~ and the media hype was at fault in the majority of the dusting ups around him. But his attitude had a bit to do with it, too ~ he made himself a lightning rod and turned a lot of people off. And his attitude was getting in the way of his playing. If he kept up that attitude, I could see him starting to phone it in and all the other guys resenting him to the max.

He's got a chance to start anew and I'm glad that so far he's taking it ~ new coach, new QB, new year, new attitude. I can't wait to see what he can do this year, too! We're gonna' get a LOT of awesome TD moments out of RomoTO. (Somebody's going to make a parody of that song, a la "Domo origato, Mr. RomoTO. Domo." Watch for it... ;))

Man, I'm jonesin' for a 'Boys fix now. :icon_lol:

Mark the date down, Feb. 6, 2011, Super Bowl XLV is coming to North Texas. :proud:
Woot! Woot!
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