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Daisy's Rice fish

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My lfs had a shipment of Rice fish (Orysias Woworae) and I just had to buy a half dozen.
These are unique little one inch fish with interesting breeding behavior. The female will carry eggs on her fins for a few hours before finding an appropriate place to deposit them.
The colors are mostly orange on the females with blue highlights. The males can be spectacular with deep orange, some times almost a dark red, with some shimmering neon blue.
They also have striking blue eyes. In certain lighting they remind me of Paskai Rainbow fish with the orange/ blue highlights and the blue eyes.

I hope I can successfully breed these guys. One of my females is already carrying a clutch of egges on her fins.
Sadly, I cannot get a decent shot of them but I tried!
You tube has a great video.


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Those eyes :)

Be sure to let us know when you are selling juvies. Have a feeling you'll be overrun sooner than you think!
Yep, great fish!

I've bred a few Oryzias species myself. Super easy to breed (they do it on their own!).
Do they require particular water parameters to breed successfully? Mine are in medium water, 180tds, 5dkh , ph drops to 6.7 during the day when co2 is running.
My idea is to put a gravid female in a breeder's net with lots of sphagham moss and wait for her to deposit the eggs.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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