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Daily green water?

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Okay, this one has me stumped.

I've got green water, every day.

But the wierd part is that by dinner time, it's almost clear, then, overnight, as if by magic, it goes green again!..

I have no idea what's causing this, can anyone give me some pointers as to what I'm doing wrong?
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list your tank specs: duration & intensity of light. When you say its almost clear, is it still cloudy? (not green though). Are you using anything to combat it? Is there direct sun hitting the tank from any direction? Even dead fish could lead to GW so there are thousands of possibilities
I've done head counts and everyone's home.

50 gal tank -w- 150w t5's, on 8 hour photoperiod and DIY co2.

This tank has been fine for about a year, this has just come up out of the blue.

Yes the tank is still partially green but I can't for the life of me figure out why it comes back every morning.

At the moment, patience is what I'm using to combat it
wow IMO thats a lot of light for that tank and diy co2. Try to take 1 bulb out for a few days and see if it at least starts to clear up. The reason I asked if its cloudy is because there could be a bacterial bloom
It's not bacterial.

It's bright green.
maybe, once you get to a certain point in time (during your photoperiod) the plants are outcompeting the green water, so the water becomes less green. Then for some reason it comes back... :icon_sad:

ps. be really cool if you updated your tank thread
Have you tested your levels? pH, kH, gH, nitrites, nitrate, phosphates, checked your co2 levels? How are you dosing ferts? changed brands of anything lately? Did some critter die in the back of the tank where you can't see it and thus is adding a lot of excess nutrients suddenly with it's decaying carcass?

biggie question... has your local water supply recently changed?
Sometimes they obtain water from other places or changed their treatment they normally don't announce this to the public unless some federal guideline is triggered. I know my town sells water sometime to a nearby town that doesn't have the capacity our treatment facility does. People there complained about the change in taste of the water after they started using our water.

Thus you might have suddenly gotten higher phosphates without you knowing it or less of some trace element your plants were using before... and thus.. an imbalance and your plants are now limited in some nutrient that the gw algae isn't.

You still have time to catch this before it gets totalally nuts and green 100% of the time. It sounds like you are on the cusp.

I think I'd test the water every which way I could, compare to my last test results... reduce the amount of light by a couple of hours (or shut the blinds in that room) and try to get my tank chemistry back to what it was a year ago. I'd do a big water change too like maybe 60%-75% in an effort to get the water chemistry back to my goals.
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I decided, after much phaffing around reducing fert levels and photoperiods etc, to just plain belt the tank.

I did a 50% water change, and dumped in a tonne of KN03, K2S04 and KP04 and the next day a huge whack of traces and iron. (about 2 x an EI dose)

Loe and behold, the green water was half it was the day before.

I originally thought that is an ammonia problem caused by dead fish or something else dead, or an increase in fish load, but, there's nothing showing on the test kits.

I did some research on the old krib files, and decided that it cant get worse! it can only get better.

seems to be working... strangely enough

stay tuned for more updates
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hahahaha :hihi:...I never heard of the method before and I doubt very much that its going to work. Do you have a UV sterilizer? Trying using some Zeolite for now and pick up an ammonia test kit and verify levels as GW is usually caused by this.
Well may you scoff but it's working!
I'm glad it's working.
How and when were you dosing?
If you were dosing lean perhaps there was some nutrient that was being limited.
Oh, and it can always get worse:

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wow that is beautiful.. it looks like an apple pucker martini!
I'm glad it's working.
How and when were you dosing?
If you were dosing lean perhaps there was some nutrient that was being limited.
Oh, and it can always get worse:

an agriculturist's dream tank. you could mass produce live food in a tank like that
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